Harvest Kids meet every Sunday morning at both the 8am and 9:45am meetings, as well as during the 5pm meeting. Our classes are fun, action-packed and full of God’s spirit and power. Registration and check-in takes place before each service at the church entrance.

GLO-worms (0 – 3 years)

The GLO-worms class is for kiddies age 0-3 years of age. In this class we have people to look after, love and play with the children but we don’t teach any lessons to this age group.

Fireflies (3 – 6 years)

The Fireflies class is for children age 3-6 years of age. In this class we have proper structured lessons where we make crafts with the kiddies, do worship, teach a lesson, play games and also have outside playtime on the jungle gyms at the end of the lesson.

Lighthouse (Grades 1 – 7)

The Lighthouse group is for children who are in grades 1-7. In this group we have small and large group teaching, worship and lots of FUN and raucous games.